About Us

Our research group at Colorado State University consists of Dr. Ken Barbarick, Research Associate Jacob McDaniel, and several undergraduate student employees. Our main biosolids research is funded by Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Facility and Metro Wastewater Reclamation District.
We research the effects of biosolids application on:

  • Agricultural, range, and disturbed lands
  • Plant yields, protein content, and estimated income
  • Plant elemental concentrations and uptake
  • Soil elemental concentrations
  • Nitrate movement through soils
  • Phosphorus forms and movement in the environment


Dr. Kenneth A. Barbarick
University Distinguished Teaching Scholar
Professor, Associate Department Head
C130 Plant Sciences Building

(970) 491-6394 (office)
(970) 491-0564 (fax)

Jacob McDaniel
Research Associate
Soil and Crop Sciences Department
W103 Plant Sciences Building

(970) 491-0636 (office)
(970) 491-0564 (fax)